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Don't mess with time or it will make your existence volatile.

Nothing is beyond the bounds of possibility if you stick to the consistency factor.

A strong strategized scheme executed ends in a miracle. Hence, a lethal strategy is the most powerful skill one can possess.

Doesn't matter whether you are considered dumb or smart, in the end, you should always make sure that you are one of the greatest conquerors.

I must pretend to be innocent even if I know things, that's wisdom.

I expose myself only when required otherwise I stay concealing my real identity as it opens more avenues to a better understanding of others' psychology.

According to me, success is when your life lives for you and not when you live your life.

One must aim for eternal success rather than a temporary one.

I have always wanted to be equally acclaimed and recognized wherever I go and not a being whose works are praised only within a certain region and beyond that simply an unseen ghost.

There are many situations where honesty is taken devastatingly, that hurts but I have learned to twist it from my own experiences.

I believe that the real value of art lies in its scope i.e. the work created should cut through any market or industry in the world.

You can ignore me or even try to forget me but you can never wipe out my never-ending existence.

I want you to consider me a fool as I astonishingly love surprising people, they would be clueless and overshadowed with guilt, a craft indeed!

I am a person who is full of infinite secrets that only time can unlock one by one.

Money is important but only to a certain extent, beyond that, it's just garbage.

I believe in all kinds of miracles, but I also strongly believe that behind every miracle there exists a series of intellectual schemes that the majority of people fail to understand or grasp.

I don't socialize too much as it sometimes diverts me from my purpose that has to be achieved before I leave this world.

The only reason I am born is to become an immortal entity. One should adopt this ideology as it changes your entire perception of life.

I often mock those who gossip and talk ill about a person. It's completely insane and stupid. Also, most importantly, it's a complete waste of time.

I hate liars, specifically those who don't even admit that they have lied and on top of it they blame you by manipulating the situation to evade and make you the cause of everything. It's really sad to see such human behaviours.

The idea behind most of the music that I have written emphasizes on extracting reality from the mystical and surreal world which runs parallel to our existence.

A person can never be judged based on a few incidents/events but by the overall output that they deliver throughout their lives. That's more essential.

Fate and Karma are considered to be equally important, are they? Well, I would say yes, but the real trick that many people fail to understand is that Karma has the ability to vanquish Fate but not vice versa, hence granting Karma an edge over Fate.

The luck factor can undoubtedly grant you success, but that will only be a temporary one, if you are craving for the legendary one then you must believe that luck's existence is negligible and not crucial.

A person's real persona and legacy are not measured by their physical appearance but by the works that they have already unleashed.

Dating & being in a relationship are completely different things. They should not be intermingled as they occasionally are. You can date multiple persons in a day but you cannot be in multiple relationships at the same time.

It's better to speak the truth rather than to give false hopes to anyone.

I don't like it when people play mind games. That's a dirty business one must avoid. If you have any problem or harsh feelings against someone, then instead of playing a mind game, go and talk to that person and let them know about it. Find a solution instead.

Well, if you find out that you have done something wrong with anyone, you should at least have the guts to approach the person and apologize. Do your part and don't rely on the output.

Ego should not stand between you and your vision. This is the first trait that you need to mitigate or else I would say that your determination is quite weak and not worthy. It's a real test indeed.

Only working smart doesn't make you a big shot. There are many other skills outside your relative field that you need to acquire while you chase your dreams and these skills are directly proportional to the intensity of your will. The question is, are you ready to learn them?

Don't sacrifice your morality for the sake of your dream because there always exist some other ways to reach your goal, you need to carve your way out keeping your principles intact.

The content of any product must primarily be the first focus as it has the potential to overpower any other factors which should be categorized as secondary and tertiary things.

You don't possess the power to judge me as I have got many hidden personalities.

Your will is the reality and expectations are obstacles.

Do your best and prepare for the worst, unfortunately, that's life.

We should treat every person as an equal opportunity, this will not only open more paths to success but also save us from our lifetime regrets.

I sometimes wonder why do we always have to prove our worth to gain love and respect from others.

Try to admire and respect each dot or else you will never be able to construct a line.