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Axdy is an Indian electronic music composer, singer, songwriter, poet, theorist, audio engineer, record producer, film score composer, and model. He is a self-taught globally emerging artist known for single-handedly compiling his unconventional works and electronically producing them without recording any musical instruments or MIDIs. Also, eluding the necessity of useful and hyped resources. Over his more than 5 years solo career, he has evolved a diverse musical style that draws on a range of influences and genres spanning electronic, electronica, alternative, avant-garde, new age, minimal, spoken word, industrial, alternative dance, orchestral music, noise, etc.

Born and raised in India, Axdy began writing music at age 14. Since his childhood, he had never received any formal musical training whatsoever and has self-learned each and every element of music-making affairs. Purely drawn to international music and films, his process involves the usage of synthesizers to compose the entire framework of music and then manually programs the complete project on his workstation, thus resulting in the finalized product. All of his works are completely westernized and are of avant-garde origin, breaking the traditional ways of making music. Axdy usually doesn't rely on the dependency factor and firmly believes in the ideology of solitude music-making due to which he has edified himself in a way that he is able to produce the entire output without anybody's intervention. Initially, when starting up, due to a huge financial crisis, he was not able to set his production studio in the required way, because of which he had to self-structure the entire configuration as per his own implemented design and affordability, involving a fundamental external sound card, and primary audio speakers. He then gradually got himself accustomed to this physical layout and as a result, mastered it. Furthermore, Axdy strictly executes in making arts that cut through any industry in the world, hence never restricting his works to a specific market or country.

Axdy's musical career first gained recognition as a music composer/writer/producer in Universal Music Group, India for a string of orchestral/western classical compilations. Soon after this venture, he signed with GRE, India, a 360-degree solutions/label/management company founded by the ex-general manager of Universal Music India, for all his upcoming releases that ultimately laid the foundation of his musical career as Axdy. Axdy derived the name from a mathematical concept, adopting in a fictional way where A and D stands for his original name initials mapped against both X and Y-axis. The artist also explains the reason why there is no Z-axis because his sounds are extracted electronically i.e. the source of origin is 2D, and not from any live musical instruments which resemble a 3D source.

Axdy then digitally released 33 singles over a span of 2 years, consisting of 26 songs called Bloody Money, Jezebel, Grand Opera, Confession, Crimson Chase, Love Damned You, Harmonics, Eagle, Breeze, Heaven's Guard, Stardom, Shock Therapy, Ecstasy, Revolution, Love will always wonder, Deceased, Mother, Alien Attack, Secret Lover, Moonlight, It's all tainted, Re-animators, Hallelujah, Weirdo, Precious Love, Mercy, for a change, and 6 instrumentals named Return Continuum, Money Matters, A Fight, Continuum, The Doorways, Lost World, vocalized, written, composed and produced by the artist himself. The singles were released and distributed internationally/worldwide in the form of art tracks/audios only. His works then soon started circumventing the international market. His music got plugged on more than thousands of mainstream international radio stations predominantly in UK, Canada, USA, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, etc, under PPL UK music licensing and played on multiple podcasts. Thus, making Axdy, the first-ever Indian whose works got aired in bulk on mainstream global radio destinations worldwide that feature prominent as well as upcoming international music artists with English being the opted language. Axdy also appeared on major international news sites such as Digital Journal(Canada), The Times(UK), Washington Magazine(USA), FOX/ABC/CBS/NBC affiliates and many other regional counters mostly in the USA, UK & Canada. Axdy's reach got broadened via iHeartRadio(USA), Deezer, Pandora, Napster, Tidal, Amazon, Shazam, Spotify(now available in India), Google Play, Apple Music/iTunes and all the international music stores with major listeners coming from Europe and South America.

Later, Axdy got signed by the record label named Match Point Creations, India, in 2019, with The Orchard, USA, being the distributor, for further advancements. Also, the copyrights to his already published works got conveyed to them. To add, Match Point Creations is a boutique content creation & distribution platform which comprises of the Sony DADC group while The Orchard is an American music and entertainment giant based in New York. In the same year itself, Axdy released 2 new singles called Love Propaganda & A Fright Night, distributed worldwide. Although Axdy got signed to a couple of record labels in India, he himself used to manage, brand, and administrate his works. Axdy is majorly responsible for the complete setup of his released works. He self-learned the international music business and implemented the same in building up his international profile from India itself. As per Axdy, the record labels have granted all kinds of flexibility to him and have shown full support to the artist by believing in his immense and incredible potential.

Furthermore, Axdy had also published 15 synch releases by the end of 2019 which have been used in the advertising and media sectors. The tracks are titled Dampened, Sweet nightmare, High on life, Smoke in the air, Fragile simplicity, Erosion, Paradise in the jungle, Memories, Mayhem, Renounce, Excavation, Voyage, The lone warrior, Creed, and Blackout.

Heavily influenced and obsessed with the classic sounds of the artists/bands such as The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Kraftwerk, The Doors, Simon & Garfunkel, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, Michael Jackson, The Clash, Queen, U2, New Order, Arcade Fire, Depeche Mode, Lana Del Ray, Adele, Daft Punk, Philip Glass, Massive Attack, Tangerine Dream, etc, Axdy's arcs consist of modern instrumentation but with a retro/vintage sound design master output. He says he had always wanted to combine the technology of both the eras of the timeline and it's enticing he added. Furthermore, he also says that he had taught himself playing multiple musical instruments only to attain the music composing/writing/production grip. With an exceedingly fundamental setup, he has managed to gear up his music to the extremity mode. As per his inclination is concerned, Axdy mostly prefers English music over American music.